Contentment… A State of Heart

“Detachment and contentment doesn’t mean owning nothing, it is that nothing owns you, that you are content when you have everything and you are content when you have nothing.” Ali bin Abi Taalib RA

On Saturday the 15th of February 2020, the Nurul Islam Centre, hosted an amazing Contentment Seminar for ladies, Alhumdulillah. Coordinated and organised by Ml Yusuf Ravat, three female speakers were invited to unpack this relative and necessary topic. The eloquent Apa Farzanah Moola, the prolific Apa Safoora Bhyat Vawda and myself were given the different dimensions of contentment to present on.

Alhumdulillah Masha Allah the day was filled with the fruits of inspiration. Many women contacted me thereafter from other areas, wishing they could have attended. This article, is especially about sharing some of that inspiration with many of those who couldn’t be present at the seminar. The article that ensues, was a part of my research and presentation.

At a time when many people are worried about money, the divorce rate is soaring, new poisons in food are exposed daily, natural disasters ravage the planet, wars despoil nations, new viruses causing pandemics make headlines, the prospect of contentment seems like a bad joke or naïve fantasy. If someone asked you, “How are you?” and you answered, “I am content,” the other person would probably be shocked.

What does it mean to be content? Content means “to contain.” You contain what you seek. It is in you, as you. No thing and no one outside you can give you or make you more than you already are. You are enough, you have enough. The treasure you seek, you already own. The treasure you seek, you already are.

It is not our circumstances which create our discontent or contentment. It is us. Try this experiment: For today I want you to imagine that what you have and what you are is enough. When you look in the mirror, decide to like what you see. When you connect with your spouse, children, parents, friends notice what you like about that person rather than what bugs you.

What could you not accept, if you but knew that everything that happens, all events, past, present and to come, are gently planned by One Whose only purpose is your good? That ALLAH who is the pilot of our lives, will never crash our plane. If we change the way we think and the ‘change the way we look as things, the things we look at change.’

At the foundation of contentment is Ridha Bil Qadha, being happy with the decree of ALLAH SWT. This was what made Sahabah RA so outstanding, that they were pleased with ALLAH and ALLAH was pleased with them Subhanallah! This Ridha Bil Qadha doesn’t only mean what your material acquisitions, which is a part of your rizq. What is also a part of your rizq is the people, love and care that you have in your life. Everything you have and everyone you have is from your rizq from ALLAH.

What do content people do:

  1. They live in the moment.
  2. They focus on enjoyment instead of constantly looking at how life can be improved.
  3. Their minds are freer of worries.
  4. They assume the world is generally good rather than evil.
  5. They focus on the beauty of life rather than the ugliness.
  6. They experience life rather than constantly analysing it.
  7. They let go of things they can’t control instead of hanging on to it.
  8. They learn from their mistakes instead of dwelling on them.
  9. They are open minded and accepting, not judgemental and closed to new ideas.
  10. They tend to be optimistic rather than bitter and pessimistic.

7 Traits Only Truly content people have.
Contentment is hard to find for many people. There are several inherent traits that content people have, but is it possible to teach yourself to embrace and adopt them? It all starts with knowing the secrets of contentment. Contentment and peace is hard to find, and some people spend their whole lives winning promotions, earning money, and spending time with people only to find that it has eluded them. It’s common knowledge that contentment is about more than objective wealth or what you do in life–it’s about your perspective, and about how you react to things that happen around you.

These are seven critical traits that only genuinely happy and content people have, and if you want to find happiness, contentment and satisfaction in your own life, you’ll have to learn to incorporate them:

  1. Gratitude. Gratitude is essential for happiness. You have to truly appreciate everything you have in life in order to be satisfied with it. If you don’t feel grateful, you’re always going to be looking for more, no matter how much you already have. You could make minimum wage or a six-figure salary and still constantly lust after more instead of being grateful you have a job. You could resent your parents and wish that they were different instead of appreciating the fact that they’re alive and well. Express your gratitude, openly and often, for everything and everyone. Gratitude brings as ALLAH SWT advises in Surah Ebrahim Vs7, “If you are grateful, I will increase my favours upon you.”
  2. “Patience is the key to contentment.” These were the words of Ar Rasool SAW who further said, “Look at those who are lower than you, and don’t look at those who are higher than you, so that you will not disgrace the blessings of ALLAH on you.” (Tirmidhi)
    “If you are content with what ALLAH has given you, you will be the richest person.”
  3. Present Focus. Happy and content people tend to live in the moment. Nabi SAW was always attentive to the moment and especially to the people who were with him.
  4. Humor is also important, no matter who you are or where you work. Truly happy people are typically able to find humor in almost anything. They appreciate jokes and aren’t afraid to smile and laugh when they think something is funny. Smiling and laughing is shown to be beneficial not only for your emotional health, but also your physical health. It releases endorphins, helps you relax, and helps you manage stress better. Even the simple act of smiling can carry some of these effects, so if you want to be happier in your own life, start laughing and smiling whenever you can, and surround yourself with others who appreciate humor. It was a greatly known fact that our beloved Nabi SAW always had a smile on his face.
  5. Adaptability. Life changes far more frequently and more unpredictably than most of us would like. Everyday there is something different… in emotion, in health and in conditions. We need to understand this and adapt and be content no matter how the external changes, the internal should remain constant… attached to ALLAH and Ridha Bil Qadha.
  6. Optimism. The power of positive thinking cannot be overstated. “I am to my servant as He expects Me to be,” is what ALLAH encourages us.
  7. Intangible Values. They prioritize life values and experiences, that for us is the shariah and Sunnah.
    Contentment isn’t about reaching a destination or achieving a goal; it’s about enjoying the journey that is life, with those whom ALLAH has blessed us with; it’s about knowing that you contain all you need within yourself and within your life. Staying grateful for what you have, focused on the present, and positive no matter what comes at you can help you finally unlock the key to contentment. You’re in control of your own emotions, so maintain a better attitude and a better outlook, and happiness and contentment is sure to follow.
  8. Contentment is about saying, “Enough”. I am enough, I have enough. In the words of our Beloved Nabi SAW, we find invocations that will help procure the quality of contentment for us, this state of heart for us, “Our Rabb, inspire us that we may be grateful for the favours bestowed upon us and our parents and that we may do deeds that please you and include us through Your Mercy amongst your righteous servants, aameen.”

ALLAHs Decree: Our Destiny… COVID-19 My Message To You By RSB

بسم الله الرحمن الرحيم

Aslkm Dear Reader, Ummatee of Muhammad SAW

Hope you are all well, in the best state of eemaan and health. I know many, if not all of us are moving through the emotions…for the heart turns, doesnt it? Anxious, scared, panicky, overwhelmed, worried then as we make our ibaadah and duas each morning, day and night, we feel grateful for what ALLAH has blessed us with, hopeful that He will accept our duas, at peace and content in the decision and decree of ALLAH, and patient, as we understand that we need to accept His decree. As we know and read in Al Quraanul Kareem, that not a leaf falls but with the permission of ALLAH SWT…we will never be in the wrong place at the wrong time, we will certainly be only where ALLAH has destined us to be, Subhanallah!

In our study of our Ambiyaa AS and our pious predecessors and even our ummah of refugees and oppressed Muslims throughout the world, even in present times, many of them experienced some form of the ‘lockdown’ we are about to step into.
Different forms of isolation, seclusion, quarantine, imprisonment… Subhanallah! But are we not believers? Is not this world a prison for a mu’min?

All these beautiful messages are being sent about the Ambiyaaa AS and their time in isolation, seclusion, quarantine and imprisonment, Subhanallah! ALLAH be pleased with them, their Eemaan, their relationship with ALLAH SWT, we cannot comprehend!
But was it not in the stomach of the whale that Yunus AS, truly repented to ALLAH and should we not understand how we, in present times, are so much more in need of this repentance?

Was it not in the prison, that Yusuf AS found safety from the sins of the people/woman of his time? Wherein imprisonment became dearer to him than sin And are we not more in need of staying away from the great sins of our time?

Was it not Ayyoob AS who was so ill, that he was isolated away from everyone else? And he bore patience and displayed gratitude to ALLAH SWT. Remembering the plentiful times of blessings. And are we not in need of taking this isolation as a time out to thank ALLAH for His years of blessings upon us, which we took for granted? Our health, our jobs and rizq, our families, our freedom of movement, our Masaajids, our Halaqahs of Learning and taalim, our madrasahs and schools, our Haramain, Masjidul Haram and Masjidun Nabawi? And are we not in need of leaning patience… in all that ALLAH has decreed upon us, especially in a time of technology and instant gratification?

Was it not Moosa AS who was called to leave his family and people and seclude himself with ALLAH on Mount Tur? To prepare himself for the great lifelong battle against the tyrant Firoun by leading the Israelites out of his oppression. And are we not in need of preparing ourselves for the great lifelong battle of our nafs and all the arrows assailed by Shaytaan?
Was it not our beloved Nabi SAW who would self isolate and seclude in the Cave of Hira? To talk to ALLAH SWT, to reflect upon Creator and Creation, to connect with ALLAH SWT and worship Him. And are we not more in need of this… to return to our purpose of creation, to worship ALLAH SWT, to connect with Him, to turn in repentance to Him?

Was it not our beloved Nabi SAW with his family and followers who were banned to the Valley of Abu Taalib for three years? Exiled… with limited food resources, that the mothers had to bear patiently the cries of hunger of their children, that Nabi SAW had to witness and accept the deterioration of the health of his greatest supporter, his beloved wife Khadija RA. And are we not in need of bearing patiently and accepting the decree of ALLAH SWT. For whilst, it may be the decision of the world and country to curb the spread and flatten the curve of COVID-19, is it not the DECREE of ALLAH SWT?

As the countdown to the lockdown begins… Prepare yourselves to follow the Sunnah of the greatest people to have walked the face of the earth, the Ambiyaaa AS, our pious predecessors and the most beloved to ALLAH SWT currently on earth, the refugees and oppressed of the ummah. And yet, ALLAHs decree for us, does not display the depth of difficulty they had to endure and are enduring.

Let it be in repentance like that of Yunus AS, that we find our solution out of the crisis the world is facing, as ALLAH SWT has urged in Al Quraanul Kareem, “Say: O my servants! who have acted extravagantly against their own souls, do not despair of the mercy of Allah; surely Allah forgives the faults altogether; surely He is the Forgiving the Merciful.” Surah Zumar

Let it be in gratitude and patience like Ayoob AS, that ALLAH returns His favours even better upon us and the ummah tthrough bearing patiently and praising and thanking ALLAH each day for the blessings of past, present and future… as ALLAH says in Al Quraanul Kareem Surah Ibrahim Vs 7, “If you are grateful, I will increase my favours upon You.”

Let it be that we learn to imprison our nafs and stay away from sins and the whispers of shaytaan, like Yusuf AS, through calling upon ALLAHs protection of the temptations of Dunya, in the words of Nabi SAW duas, from the Munajate Maqbool, “O My Rabb whilst the people of the world are engaged in the temptations of the world, cool my eyes with acts of worship and obedience to you.”

It all comes down to these injunctions and encouragements from the Book of ALLAH, Al Quraanul Kareem, in which you truly can find great comfort, solace and peace during the days ahead…

  1. “O you who believe, Obey ALLAH and Obey the Messenger of ALLAH and those in authority amongst you.” (Surah Nisaa, Vs 59)
  2. “O you who believe, seek Allah’s Help through patience and salaaah.” Surah Baqarah
  3. “Indeed ALLAH is with the patient.” “Indeed ALLAH loves the patient.”
  4. “Do not be sad, verily ALLAH is with us.”Surah Taubah
  5. “Indeed I only turn to ALLAH with my grief, anxiety and sorrow.” Surah Yusuf.
  6. “Verily with difficulty comes ease, verily with difficulty comes ease.” (Surah Inshirah)
  7. “Verily to ALLAH we belong and to Him is our return.” Surah Baqarah.

And yes, ultimately we have not being created for Dunya, as our Beloved and Merciful ALLAH has said to us, “O My servant whilst I have created Dunya for you… I have not created you for Dunya, I have created you for Jannah” Subhanallah, now is the time to Envision and make effort for our Jannah.
ALLAH SWT bless you and us all with peace, safety, aafiah, good health and above all His Forgiveness, His Assistance, His Pleasure and His Paradise.
With heartfelt duas
Ustaadha Rehana Shah Bulbulia

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~RSB ~Author, Journalist, International Motivational Speaker, Islamic Studies Educator, Tahfeedhul Quraan Student & teacher, Humanitarian, Archery Instructor, University Tutor, holds 3 degrees BA(English, Arabic, Islamic Studies) BA Hons IST(Cum Laude) MA IST.

“Enough of a boast that He is my Lord;enough of an honour that I am His slave.”

The Eye of Love & Affection between Husband and wife”

I don’t know who needs to read or hear this today, but I needed to share it.

I searched an old article I had written, because today my heart is aching upon hearing the news of some divorces of people I know💔😢. Allah grant them all Aafiyah in this tumultuous time and save us all from the same, aaameen. My intended message is, to continue to look at our spouses through the eye of kindness, love and affection, for the simple reason that Allah will look at us like this and place mercy and love between our hearts.

Many have heard the love story of Lailah and Majnoon. So madly in love with Lailah was Majnoon, that wherever he would traverse he would only sing and compose couplets about his Lailah. Of course, this too earned him his nickname-Majnoon, meaning mad. The King or ruler of that time became quite curious to view Lailah, who had Majnoon so besotted. He expected to see a unique beauty. However, to his astonishment, she was quite ordinary and so he expressed his sentiments to Majnoon. Majnoon’s reply was profound, “To see the beauty of Lailah, you have to look through the eyes of Majnoon.”

Similarly, dear reader, to continue to see the beauty (internal and external) of your spouse you need to look at them through the eyes of kindness, love and affection. Once upon a time, marriages were ‘happily ever after.’ The ‘happily ever after’ not signifying a marriage without its tests and trials but rather one that never ended in divorce. Marriage is indeed a full time job that requires constant effort, attention and perseverance. And like anything else in life that is nurtured and nourished the rewards and fruits of it prove endless.

Love and affection between spouses are the foundation of harmony and happiness in every home. When there exists no love and affection between husband and wife; mother and father, can there exist harmony and happiness in that home?
While sometimes there will be disagreements and we may not like our partners very much at that moment, we must understand that we NEED to continue loving them. As our Kind ALLAH states in the Glorious Quraan, “AND OUT OF HIS SIGNS IS THAT HE CREATES MATES FOR YOU FROM YOURSELVES, THAT YOU MAY FIND PEACE AND TRANQUILITY IN THEM AND HE PUTS BETWEEN YOUR HEARTS LOVE AND AFFECTION. SURELY THESE ARE SIGNS FOR A PEOPLE WHO REFLECT.” (Quraan 33:21)

In an effort to enlighten ourselves as to how to maintain the ‘eye of love and affection’ between husband and wife, we need to understand what is the value of our roles in the fundamental and sacred institution of marriage.
We return to the perfect example, Nabi Muhammad SAW, who encouraged…

1. The Mu’min with the most perfect Imaan is one who has the best character and who is the kindest to his wife. Tirmidhi

2. A believing woman who prays her salaah, fasts in Ramadaan, guards her chastity and pleases her husband will be told to enter Jannat from whichever door she wishes. Mishkaat

3. The best amongst you are those who are best to their wives. Ibn Majah

4. If I were to order anyone to make prostration to anyone, I would have ordered a wife to prostrate to her husband. Tirmidhi

5. The best dinar a man spends is the dinar he spends for his family. Muslim

6. The whole of this world is a commodity and the best of commodities is a virtuous wife. Muslim

7. There are three persons whose prayers are not accepted nor their virtues noted: A fugitive slave until he returns to his master, a drunkard until he becomes sober and a wife with whom her husband is displeased with. Baihaqi

8. Whosever has been gifted with these four things has been gifted with the best of this world and the next: A grateful heart; a remembering tongue; a body that is patient in difficulties and a wife who preserves chastity and her husband’s property. Baihaqi

9. Deal with women correctly and with kindness. If, then, you dislike them, then it is possible that you dislike something while ALLAH has created abundance of goodness in it. Surah Nisaa:Verse 19

10. When a man enters his home cheerfully, Allah creates, as a result of his happy attitude, an angel who seeks forgiveness on behalf of him, until the Day of Qiyaamah. Mishkaat

Undoubtedly as husbands and wives we have different amaanats/rights to fulfill towards one another. Should we fulfill them firstly always for the Pleasure of ALLAH and secondly always out of love and affection for our spouses we are not only securing a harmonious and happy home but we are also securing our Jannah, ‎Alhamdulillah. For indeed quite simply understood, we grasp from AL-Quran and ALLAH’s Nabi Sallallahualaiwassallam that in order to be the ‘best of men, be the best to your wives’ and that in order to ‘enter Jannat from any door you wish’ then please your husband. And how should we view one another, dear Muslims? Always through the eyes of love and affection….”For true love does not come by finding the perfect person, but by learning to SEE an imperfect person perfectly.” – Jason Jordan.

Read and emulate the inspiring stories of love of our Beloved Nabi SAW, Ambiyaaa AS and His companions and their spouses and be inspired to believe in Happily Ever After.

For more on this read my book *Everybody Loves A Love Story*

Dedicated to… The Owner of My Heart, My Endless Love, My Rabb

It is in the complete internal silence when I truly feel His presence; when I am silent and when the world enshrouds me in silence too. It is in the whispers of the wind; the chirping of the birds; the melody of the ocean song when I hear Him. It is in the breaking of the dawn; the sight of the green lush ethereal gardens and the smile of a newborn when I see His Majesty. I cannot and will not deny His presence, His Essence, His Greatness, for to deny Him is to deny myself; to deny my purpose, my comfort, my hope, my peace. For He is all this and more to me. He is my First Love, my Endless love…the Owner of my heart, My Rabb-ALLAH!

Some days, like recent days, I find myself content and in fact drawn to remain alone with my thoughts and memories. My lifes’ journey so far beckons me to glance back, again and again. Each glance lingers on a moment back in time and I find that my soul wishes to thank Him; to tribute no one but Him; to acknowledge no one but Him; to recognise no one but Him; to beg from no one but Him; to worship no one but Him; to remember no one but Him. For it is only with Him, through Him and for Him…that I continue; continue to persevere and strive and to soar and survive and to make it it through each day. Today this space is only to praise Him, to recognise Him… the Owner of my heart, my Endless Love, My Rabb.

Ya Salaam…You grant me the pleasure and blessing of internal peace even when chaos surrounds me; peace even when pain pervades my body; peace even when worry and confusion attempts to ambush my mind.
I feel Your peace, it seeps into my pores; I hear your peace, like the rhythmic beat of the heart and it has somehow taken on a fragrant scent for me too, intoxicating my senses. I praise You; I glorify You; I thank You…for You are the Owner of my Heart; My Endless Love; My Rabb-ALLAH.

Ya Rahmaan…Your Mercy cannot be weighed or counted. Each day Your Mercy rains down in torrents; drenching my soul, heart, mind and body in this blessing of Yours. My mind shouts out incredulously when Your servants lose sight and vision of Your infinite Mercy…save me from such a calamity, lest I should ever become blind or heedless of Your greatest attribute. Your Mercy provides me with breath and ability; food and nourishment; shelter and companionship; knowledge and luxuries. Ya Rahmaan how do we forget Your Presence; Your Favours, Your Love…when you envelope us in it every second of every day! I praise You; I glorify You; I thank You…for You are the Owner of my Heart; My Endless Love; My Rabb-ALLAH.

Ya ALLAH…Just the whisper of Your Great Name as a thought in the silence of my mind, as a beat in the chambers of my heart or an audible sound with a simple twist and turn of my tongue and I feel a surge of hope. I feel a euphoria stronger than any happiness. I feel assuredly able and capable. I find that those same legs that previously failed me to walk, could possibly now lift me to fly.
I praise You; I glorify You; I thank You…for You are the Owner of my Heart; My Endless Love; My Rabb-ALLAH.

Ya Wadood…Your Love has expanded my heart and in turn my actions too; Your Love brings sunshine to my world; enthusiasm to my life; desire to think good, be good and do good. I find myself enshrouded in the garments of Your Love. Your Love generously comforts me; makes me feel secure and safe; fills me with conviction and hope.
I link up and connect with the thoughts and words of past lovers of Yours as they found You, Asma bint Abi Bakr RA who said: “Truly my happiness is in my eemaan; my eemaan is in my heart and my heart only belongs to ALLAH.”
Rabia Basria ra who said: “O ALLAH, if I am worshipping You out of fear of Your hellfire, cast me into it. And if I am worshipping You out of desire for Your Paradise, prohibit me from entering it. But if I am worshipping You for the sake of Your Noble Face, do not prohibit me from seeing it.”
Your Love is the sturdy rope that I hold onto through every ebb and flow of this ocean called life; my anchor even as stormy seas attempt to swallow me.
I praise You; I glorify You; I thank You…for You are the Owner of my Heart; My Endless Love; My Rabb-ALLAH.

Through Your Majestic Eloquent Speech-Al Quraanul Kareem, I find tangible sweet solace and I find myself embraced and enveloped in its healing; in its guidance, in its mercy. In Your every word I feel Your Presence; I hear Your message and I witness Your Majesty. I realise and acknowledge that no one and nothing can harm or benefit me, except as You have wished, as You have willed. “Is then, He who creates comparable to any that cannot create? Will you not, then, take heed? For should you try to count ALLAH’s blessings, you could never compute them. ALLAH is indeed, All-Forgiving, All Compassionate; and ALLAH knows all that you keep secret as well as all that you bring into the open.” (An Nahl;17-19)
I praise You; I glorify You; I thank You…for You are the Owner of my Heart; My Endless Love; My Rabb-ALLAH.

My heart shudders in awe, my thoughts can do nothing but echoe the sentiments of Your unique words that deeply move my soul, “It is He who created me and so it is He who guides me; when I am hungry, it is He who gives me food and drink and when I am sick, it is He who heals me; and it is He who will give me death and bring me to life again. And upon Him do I pin my hope that He would forgive my sins of the Day of Judgement.” (As Shura: 77-82)
I praise You; I glorify You; I thank You…for You are the Owner of my Heart; My Endless Love; My Rabb-ALLAH.

I had no purpose; no destination; no joy; no peace till I found what I was seeking. And all that time what I was seeking, was seeking me too. It was always You my Rabb…always You. Through our dedications we bare our souls and share a portion of our hearts with everyone so that they witness and perceive the role someone special plays in their lives. This space today is reserved for You my Rabb, as there can be no Being more special, no Hidden treasure more sort after than You. And if every drop of the ocean was my ink and every mountain my tablet to write upon, I would never be satiated in writing about You, to You and for You. I praise You; I glorify You; I thank You…for You are the Owner of my Heart; My Endless Love; My Rabb-ALLAH.

I desire to praise You as You deserve to be praised; I wish to praise you as You have praised Yourself. One last time in this space, on this page, I serenade You with my hymn: I praise You; I glorify You; I thank You… For You are the Owner of my Heart; My Endless Love; My Rabb-ALLAH.

This Article appeared in an Edition of The Muslim Woman Magazine

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~RSB ~Author, Journalist, International Motivational Speaker, Islamic Studies Educator, Tahfeedhul Quraan Student & teacher, Humanitarian, Archery Instructor, University Tutor, holds 3 degrees BA(English, Arabic, Islamic Studies) BA Hons IST(Cum Laude) MA IST.

“Enough of a boast that He is my Lord;enough of an honour that I am His slave.”

In the Embrace of Islam… “A Part of the Biggest Family in the World

Brrr…when the cold winter months slowly but surely descend upon us, we find our physical bodies seeking the solace of our warm beds during those deliciously long winter nights; a time and place where we find comfort and rest. But just as that tired body searches for a place of rest so too does the weary soul search for solace and comfort. Read on and be inspired by one of those searching souls who have found solace…in the embrace of Islam.

For those of us who are born Muslims, Alhamdulillah, we tend to take many of the beautiful dimensions of our religion-Al Islam for granted- the logic of tauheed; the benefit of purity; the devotion of prayer; the beauty of Hijaab. However, when we observe these wondrous facets of our beautiful deen through the eyes of a revert who has accepted Islam and brought Imaan because of these very dimensions, we find ourselves deeply inspired.

Like the splendour of the moonlight which touches spaces far and wide, so too does the light of Islam disseminate throughout the seven continents of the world. From across the Atlantic Ocean in Florida-USA Brother Abdullah Saeed Jones shares the journey of his discovery of himself through the discovery of Al Islam.

“I used to be known as David Scott Jones. My family and I were part of the Southern Baptist Evangelical Church. As a fourteen year old boy, I remember often being dragged to church. I guess, I wasn’t interested at that time in the Theology of Christianity. I started than studying other religions to see if they held any interest for me. I read up on Hinduism, Buddhism and even Satanism. However, I eventually decided to stick to Christianity and became what you would call ‘a devoted Christian’. I then joined various Christian Youth Movements and began calling people to Christ. I think because of my enthusiasm for these efforts, I was offered the chance to study more about the Christian scriptures, to look more into the Bible. And this is when I found many discrepancies and contradictions come to light. This in fact took me out of my comfort zone because I just couldn’t accept what I was finding as the truth. I was a person who didn’t accept anything until it made complete sense to me. For example, the whole trinity concept just didn’t make any sense to me. And so my faith in Christianity just diminished and I became commonly known as an Agnostic.

It was then that I decided to give the whole religion thing a break and chose to pursue my other passion, which was revolution and rap. In this sphere I became exposed to all walks of life. I began reading and listening to many of Malcolm X’s speeches and so I was introduced to Islam. He really referred to Islam alot- saying, “This is what Islam teaches us, this is what the Quran teaches us; this is what the Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) used to say.” Everywhere I looked I kept hearing about Islam and Muslims and I truly felt that God/Allah was trying to tell me something.

At this point I decided to go to the actual source-the Quran and all other literature on Islam that I could get my hands on. All the questions I ever had, Islam had the perfect answers. The miracle of the Quran- its words and it’s revelation just blew my mind. I found it beautiful and I could do nothing but be amazed. All of this transition happened to me when I was sixteen. One day, I just stood in my room and faced what I perceived to be Qiblah and uttered the shahadah. And I became part of the biggest family in the world. My life and journey as a Muslim has been inspired by the enlightening words and lectures of Sheikh Abdullah, Sheikh Anwar Al Awlaki and Sheikh Abu Hamza. I hope that, Insha Allah, this message of the wonder of Islam reaches many. May Allah guide us all and for those whom He has already guided, may Allah keep us firm upon that which He has guided us to.”

Subhanallah! Yes, the Muslim Ummah are indeed members of the most beautiful, most beloved and biggest family in the world- the Ahle Sunnah wal Jamaah.

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~RSB ~

“Enough of a boast that He is my Lord;enough of an honour that I am His slave.”

~Rehana Shah Bulbulia is an Author, Journalist, International Motivational Speaker, Islamic Studies Educator, Tahfeedhul Quraan Student & Teacher, Archery Instructor & humanitarian. She holds 3 degrees: BA(English, Arabic, Islamic Studies), BA Hons IST(Cum Laude), MA IST

In the Embrace of Islam “Jesus Told Me to Follow Muhammad”

Remarkable are the tales and experiences of those who seek the Truth, Guidance and Closeness to their Creator. Undoubtedly those who sincerely seek and search shall find…Who and what their hearts’ yearn for. And know this, every soul deep craves the qurb and proximity of His Lord.
For when ALLAH SWT created Adam AS and insaan/mankind, He called the angels to view His new creation. The angels looked in and around this different creation, made of clay, who had been given a freedom called free-will and they saw a heart. Within this heart they saw a hollow cavity, with nothing in it. And so they questioned ALLAH SWT regarding what was the reason for this. To which ALLAH SWT beautifully responded, “This place is for Me, within each of My servants.”
When many a time people complain of a feeling of emptiness within, it is this hollow, emptiness within in their hearts that they are referring to…this hollow that can only be filled with ALLAH, SubhanALLAH!

The beautiful and moving tale of reversion which follows is shared by an Arab Sheikh who had journeyed to America and had encountered an American Muslim community, who conveyed this story of a man who had reverted in their community masjid. The Sheikh began his discourse, “Whoever lives while adhering to a certain thing, will also die while adhering to it. This amazing story shared by American Muslims with me, of an American non Muslim who had visited the Masjid in Brooklyn, New York. He entered the Masjid while the people were praying the fajr salaah. He told them that he urgently wanted and needed to embrace Islam, to become a Muslim and a follower of Muhammad SAW. Their first question was to ask him to share his story and how he had come to the Masjid. His immediate answer was that they should first guide him and refrain from asking him any further questions.

He asked them what he needed to do and so they advised to him take a ghusl and recite the shahaadah, which he passionately did, repeating the words of the shahaadah after them, “There is no deity but ALLAH and Muhammad SAW is the Messenger of ALLAH.”
Thereafter they taught him how to pray salaah. His next request was if he could stay in the Islamic Centre for some days to learn about Islam. Happily they allowed him to do so and to stay with them.

The first, second and third day passed and this new Muslim brother captivated all by his long prostrations to ALLAH, his incessant crying to ALLAH SWT and his unabated interest in listening to Al Quraan. On this third day after the people had finished their Maghrib salaah, this new revert came to one of them, asking him to please recite some portion of the Quraan to him.

The one whom he had asked said to him, “O my brother, I can’t help but compare myself to you. I have entered this religion several decades ago whilst you have entered into Islam but a few days ago. Yet I see you crying profusely and displaying much fear of ALLAH. You continuously want to hear the Quraan, SubhanALLAH! O dear brother, I really would like to hear your story.”

The new American revert seeing the sincerity and curiosity of his Muslim brother and began sharing his experience. He explained that for the last four years, he would spend every night crying to God, Almighty ALLAH to guide him to the True religion. Imagine an American man from a spanish origin, from a Christian background would cry to ALLAH SWT to guide him to the True Religion. He then continued, “On the night before I came to this Mosque, I had fallen asleep after crying to ALLAH SWT to guide me to the true religion. When I slept I saw Jesus the son of Mary in a dream, wherein Jesus pointed his forefinger to me and told me to become a follower of Muhammad SAW, saying I, Jesus and Muhammad follow one religion…Islam.”
He went on to say, “I entered this Mosque, because it is the first mosque I passed by.”

At this point the Esha/night prayer was announced and so this new Muslim brother together with so many other Muslim brothers joined them in performing the salaah. In the first ra’kaah the American performed his first prostration but remained in sujood. When the other Muslims had completed their salaah, they saw that he still remained in that first sajdah. They called out his name but he did not answer. Thereafter one of the Muslims who had been praying next to him, moved him and he fell.

His soul had being taken away and he had died while prostrating before ALLAH. What an end! SubhanALLAH! He will be resurrected according to the way he had passed away, indeed the way we live is the way we will die and the way we die is the way we will be resurrected!”

Story followed via Islamic and appeared in my series for the Muslim woman Magazine In the Embrace of Islam.

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Serenity For the Soul… Salat ‘Alan Nabi

A whisper of words, one statement, one verse breathed upto the heavens evoke a chain of wondrous reactions for the speaker…ten mercies descend, ten sins are forgiven, ten stages in rank are raised. Affording this and so much more, it is salat ‘alan Nabi also known as durood, that provides serenity for the soul.

In the all-consuming and hectic life of Ad Dunya, we sometimes forget that ‘we are not mere physical beings attempting to have a spiritual experience; but we are in fact spiritual beings attempting to have a human one.’ Wrongfully we fill our lives with all that will grant us physical satisfaction and gratification and we wonder why do we still not feel fulfilled, complete and satiated? The soul’s silent pleas many times go unheard; for the noises that surround us drown out the silent voice from within. Yet it is the soul, the only part of ourselves fortunate enough to one day look upon eternity, that needs the most nurturing and nourishing through the various dimensions of connecting with the Creator of that soul, ALLAH Subhanawata’alah. However, ALLAH in His Infinite Mercy has generously bestowed upon us another unique means of attaining blessings and bounties, peace and prosperity as well as the sweetness of serenity…through conveying salaat upon His Nabi Muhammad SAW.

So tremendous an act is this salawaat recitation that not only does ALLAH SWT encourage us, the ummah of Muhammad SAW to endeavour in reciting salawat, but so does He share a great truth, “Verily ALLAH and His angels recite salaat on the Nabi, O you who believe call for ALLAH’s blessings on him and greet him saying peace be unto you.” (Surah Ahzaab: V56)
The significance of this is that ALLAH exhibits to us that whilst we the creation can do nothing that He does…He gives life, we give birth; He creates, we invent; He Sustains, we nurture. Yet, there is one thing we can do which our All Majestic Creator does…that is to recite salaat on the Final Messenger of ALLAH SAW.

So tremendous an act is this salawaat recitation that ALLAH SWT has not only created one specific group of angels who have been assigned with the sole task and responsibility of traversing the earth and collecting the duroods to convey to our Beloved Nabi SAW, but also has He created one unique angel who sits at the grave of Muhammad SAW. This angel has the ability to hear the speech of all mankind and continuously shares with Muhammad SAW whoever (the son or daughter of whoever) has conveyed salaat upon him.

So tremendous an act is this salawaat recitation that not only does Muhammad SAW respond with ‘Peace upon you too’ to each recitation of Durood but so too does ALLAH convey salaat upon each reciter of Durood.

Vast Virtues of Reciting Salat ‘alan Nabi …Collated from Various Ahaadith.
The Messenger of ALLAH SAW shared:

» “Whosoever recites salaat on me once, on him shall ALLAH recite salaat ten times.”

» “In whosoever’s presence my name is mentioned and he should recite salaat on me just once, ALLAH shall send upon him ten mercies, forgive ten sins of his and raise his rank ten times.”

»”Verily the nearest of people to me on the Day of Qiyaamah will be those who recited most salaat on me.”

»”Verily ALLAH has certain angels wandering all over the earth in order to covey to me the salaat of my Ummah.”

»”Whenever anyone recites salaat upon me at my grave, I hear it myself and when anyone recites salaat on me from afar, it is conveyed to me.”

»”Whosoever recites salaat on me ten times in the morning and ten times in the evening shall receive my intercession on the Day of Qiyaamah.”

»”Whenever any servants of ALLAH recites salaat on me, an angel ascends with it and presents it in ALLAH’s court before the Most Merciful ALLAH. Then our Sustainer, most blessed and high says, ‘Proceed with it from here to the grave of My servant (Muhammad SAW), who shall beg forgiveness for the reciter thereof and in this salaat shall be the refreshment of his eyes.”

Tales to Regale
The Mehr of Aadam AS for His Bride Hawwa AS
After ALLAH SWT created Aadam AS and placed him in Jannah, Aadam AS had everything that his heart could desire. Yet ALLAH saw something still lacking in His creation’s heart, Aadam AS was lonely. Now one day while Aadam AS lay fast asleep under a tree in Jannah, ALLAH extracted a rib of Aadam AS and from it created Hawwa AS. When Aadam AS awoke, he saw this very beautiful creation laying near him. His hands automatically reached out to touch her.
Whereupon ALLAH SWT prevented him, saying that Aadam AS could not touch her until the nikah ceremony had been performed. Thereafter ALLAH-Himself performed the nikah of Aadam AS to Hawwa AS and requested that Aadam AS give something as mehr or dowry for his beautiful bride. As Aadam AS looked around in Jannah, wondering what could he give as mehr for his beautiful wife, ALLAH SWT instructed him, “Recite one salaat upon my Nabi Muhammad SAW.”
As such, the mehr of Aadam AS for Hawwa AS was a salat or durood on Muhammad SAW, SubhanALLAH!

Fulfiller of Needs & Conveyor of Miracles
It was in the period after Nabi SAW had passed away and a sahabi Abu Rayhanah RA was travellling through the desert terrain when he needed to perform his ‘asr salaah. Looking for water for his wudhu/ablution, he found a well. However, the well had no bucket or any means of drawing the water. Scanning the horizon for someone to perhaps assist him, he saw some children playing not too far off. He made his way to them and requested if they could assist him. A young girl, not more than ten years old said she could and followed him to the well. Whereupon she merely placed her little hands over the well and the water level rose. Astounded Abu Rayhaana took the water, performed his wudhu and ‘asr salaah. After which, he couldn’t help but go to the little girl and ask her how could she perform such a miraculous feat. She looked at him confused and responded, “My parents taught me to read a thousand salaat on our Nabi Muhammad SAW everyday and all our needs, whatever they may be will be fulfilled. Don’t you do this?”
Abu Rayhanah left reflecting over the reality of this little girl’s amazing words and conviction.

Undoubtedly reciting salat ‘alan Nabi or durood shareef as we may know it, is a means to attaining much from the treasures of ALLAH…from His Forgiveness and Mercy to receiving peace and intercession; from conveying miracles to its recitors’ lives to bringing serenity to their souls…Ya Rabbi Salli Wa Sallim da iman ‘abadah ‘ala habibika khairil khalqi kullihimi.

1. Virtues of Salatn ‘alan Nabi by Shaikhul Hadith Moulana Muhammad Zakariyya Kandhlawi ra.
2. The Importance and Significance of Durood Shareef-Akhtari Publications.

This Article appeared in an Edition of The Muslim Woman Magazine

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~RSB ~Author, Journalist,,, International Motivational Speaker, Islamic Studies Educator, Tahfeedhul Quraan Student & teacher, holds 3 degrees BA(English, Arabic, Islamic Studies) BA Hons IST(Cum Laude) MA IST.

“Enough of a boast that He is my Lord;enough of an honour that I am His slave.”

Holiday Adhkaar… Keeping the Soul Hydrated

As the end of the semester and term approaches, it entices like an inviting cool drink to a parched thirsty throat. For many the semesters journey was indeed a long-haul filled with some challenges and perhaps adventures too, before the much awaited and anticipated holiday season now begins to dawn on the horizon. Employers, employees, schoolkids, mothers and well, practically everyone pack up, pack away, close up, close shop and step into…the Holidays. Yet as our physical and mental selves eagerly and most definitely need this time-out and break from the rut and routine, our souls need to continue to stay hydrated with the dhikr of ALLAH. In fact here the converse is true, should we take a break from the worship and remembrance of ALLAH, this would undoubtedly lead to us starving our souls of that which it so desperately depends on…keeping the heart alive, the mind alert and the tongue moist with the dhikr of ALLAH.

Whilst ALLAH SWT has also made it easy for us to worship during travel, with ‘salaah being halved, not maafed’ as a local Mufti always quips, similarly can we remain steadfast to those adhkaar that are easy to recite, heavy on the scales and light on the tongue.

Five Simple Daily Adhkaar & their Benefits

1.Laailaaha Illallah….The First Kalimah, Kalimah Tayyibah so easy to recite, yet its words remain so weighty on the scales. For as ALLAH SWT advised Moosa AS, one sincere statement of Laailaaha Illallah weighed in Al Meezan-the Scale of Deeds, is enough to outweigh all that is contained in the seven heavens and seven earths, from the largest animals, mammoth mountains and endless oceans to the unseen angels and unimaginable heavens. And one hundred of this weighty statement will beautifully benefit its recitor’s countenance on the Day of Qiyaamah by imbuing him or her with a light as resplendent as the fourteenth moon.

Minimum Tahleel Holiday Count: 100

2. Salat ‘Alan Nabi or Durood Shareef…If one durood recited brings so much blessings: ten sins forgiven, ten rewards written, ten stages lifted, can we imagine how greatly we can capture ALLAH’s Attention and draw His Help through these much loved words. Such words which He-Himself urges us to recite, “Verily ALLAH and the angels convey peace and salutations on the Prophet. O ye who believe convey peace and salutations on him too.” (Al Quraan, Surah Ahzaab V56)
After the demise of the Rasool of ALLAH SAW, one of his Sahabah, Abu Rayhaanah RA was passing through a desertous terrain in need of water for wudhu in order to perform his salaah. He came upon a well but had no bucket or any other means to draw the water from the well. In the vicinity, not too far away from the well were children playing. He went to them requesting their assistance. A young girl followed him to the well and just by placing her hands over the well, the water rose and he was able to make his wudhu. Astonished indeed, he performed his salaah and thereafter questioned the child as to how she was able to perform such a miraculous act. The young girl simply shrugged and responded, “We have been taught by our parents to recite a thousand salaat on Nabi SAW daily and we will have all our needs fulfilled. Don’t you do this?”

Minimum Durood Holiday Count: 100

3. Istighfaar…Not a day can pass without this act of seeking ALLAH’s forgiveness for not a day passes without us human beings falling into some form of sin, whether minor or major. If the Messenger of ALLAH SAW, whose past, present and future sins had been forgiven due to him being a Nabi, yet he sought ALLAH’s forgiveness minimum seventy times a day, where does that leave us? Whilst we may be enjoying a temporary vacation from the very transient life of Ad Dunya, let us not forget our Eternal Home in Al Aakhirah and all that we require to reach it successfully.

Minimum Istighfaar Holiday Count: 100

4. Quraan Recitation…Nabi SAW urged us that, “He who recites just ten verses from the Noble Quraan in the evening will not be written amongst the neglectful.” Without forgetting that every letter carries minimum ten rewards. So even on holiday our souls need not be neglected for we are still able to earn much reward through easy efforts.

Miniumum Quraan Holiday Recitation: Surah’s Yaseen, Mulk and minimum ten ayaah of Quraan.

5. Tasbeeh, Tahmeed & Takbeer…Every praise of ALLAH procures for us minimum ten hasanaat or rewards. As Nabi SAW explained to Sahaabah RA that in Jannah each soul will have only one regret. That is, when he perceives a most beautiful fragrance from above him and enquires regarding it. He will be told that it is from the Jannah level just above his. On asking as to the deeds securing this Jannah, just above his, he will be told that the person had recited just one more SubhanALLAH than him….SubhanALLAH! Alhumdulillah! ALLAHuAkbar!

Tasbeeh, Tahmeed, Takbeer Holiday: Minimum 10 of each after every salaah and Tasbeeh E Fatima before sleeping.

Tales to Regale
Two Thousand Five Hundred Hasaanat A Day
One day the Messenger of ALLAH SAW sat in a halaqah-gathering with his companions and he put forward to them a question, “Can anyone perform two thousand five hundred hasanaat/good deeds each day?”
As can be imagined the Sahabah RA were amazed, some optimists believing that it could be done; others unable to comprehend such a feat….

Just like some of you as you read this article. Yes, two thousand five hundred good deeds a day! As you try to wrap your heads around this one, read on to discover the amazing and beautiful response of Muhammad SAW.

Rasoolullah SAW went to explain how such a seemingly impossible feat was actually an easy acheivement. “After every salaah by reciting ten SubhanALLAH, ten Alhumdulillah and ten ALLAHuAkbar, you are in fact gaining three hundred rewards after every salaah…thirty multiplied by ten, as ALLAH multiplies all good deeds by minimum ten. Then multiply that by five salaah…you have one thousand five hundred good deeds!

Thereafter every evening reciting Tasbeeh e Fatima, that is thirty three times SubhanALLAH, thirty three times Alhumdulillah and thirty four times ALLAHuAkbar, which equals to one hundred multiplied by ten, giving a total of one thousand hasaanat.”

Add the two tasbeehs, after all salaahs and before sleeping, and you get two thousand five hundred hasanaat, SubhanALLAH!

Needless to say Sahaabah RA were amazed and pleased, yet Nabi SAW left them with one advice, to be weary of shaytaan as he would distract them from gaining so much reward so easily.

As ALLAH states in the Noble Quraan, “And He is with you wheresoever you may be.” (S57:V4) So remember to keep your souls hydrated this upcoming holiday season, remaining in the remembrance of ALLAH!

Sources of Reference: Muntakhab Ahaadith &
Discourses by Sheikh Anwar Al Awlaki-The Hereafter Series

{This Article appeared in an Edition of The Muslim Woman Magazine as well as Islamic Helpline Newsletter}

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~RSB ~Author, Journalist,,, International Motivational Speaker, Islamic Studies Educator, Tahfeedhul Quraan Student & teacher, holds 3 degrees BA(English, Arabic, Islamic Studies) BA Hons IST(Cum Laude) MA IST.

“Enough of a boast that He is my Lord;enough of an honour that I am His slave.”

Hijaamah-Cupping… A Miraculous Healing, A Sunnah for Shifa

It has been said that ‘Good health and good sense are two of life’s greatest blessings.’ But imagine if we had the good sense to do and implement all those things that would lead to our good health…hmm.

We always hear that a healthy body is a healthy mind and vice versa, yet many of us, for some reason or the other have had to deal with a multitude of health challenges, through the will of ALLAH SWT. Yet hasn’t ALLAH SWT promised us that there is a cure for every single illness except death, SubhanAllah! The premise of Islamic medicine is faith in ALLAH SWT and knowing healing comes only from Him, and that there is a cure for every disease.

“There is a remedy for every disease and when the remedy is applied to the disease it is cured with the permission of ALLAH. ” (Muslim) In Islam, health is a very important part of life and there is a great emphasis placed on it. Abdullah Ibn `Abbas ra narrated that the Prophet SAW said, “There are two blessings which many people lose: (They are) Health and free time for doing good.” (Sahih Al-Bukhari)

The question is, do we give importance to our health and life or take time out to learn about the natural remedies that Ar Rasool SAW as informed us about? It was Imaam Shafi ra who advised that two types of ‘ilm are incumbent upon every Muslim: the ‘ilm of deen and the ‘ilm of medicine. What was meant, as scholars have expounded, is that the knowledge of medicine for you to research and treat your specific ailment, in order for you as an individual to live a life of quality.
Being diagnosed with terminal and chronic illnesses in my teens, I have long learnt that whilst quantity of life is up to ALLAH SWT, our quality of life is up to us. And if there is a cure for every disease, as ALLAH SWT had promised why do we hesitate to find the ease and healing for our illnesses and health challenges. It was five years ago that the reality of the Sunnah of hijamah (and my dear cupping specialist Apa Khadija) came into my life, Alhumdulillah and it has become my road to recovery for every different health challenge I have faced since then: from blood disorders, to extreme anemia, to coughing and vomiting blood, to broken ankle and shoulder, to double pneumonia to hiatus hernia, to migraines and fibromaglia… SubhanAllah, I have found that it has been nothing short of miraculous in treating pain and fundamental to the healing process.
Each new year we make new resolutions, with many aspirations leading us. Add to your new years resolution and reality, the implementation of this amazing healing and cure, a great sunnah and urged not only by ALLAH SWT through our beloved Messenger SAW but also by the angels in the heavens. During the Night Journey and Ascension Laylatu’l-Isra’ wa’l-Mir’aj, our Beloved Prophet Muhammad SAW experienced many profoundly significant events. He flew on a winged horse, a buraq from Makkah Mukarramah to Jerusalem, accompanied by the arch angel Jibreel AS. He prayed with many other Messengers of ALLAH, ascended to the highest of the seven heavens and was given the gift of five times daily salaah.

“Glory to He Who took His servant for a journey by night from the most sacred mosque to the farthest mosque, whose precincts We blessed, in order that We might show him some of Our signs: for He is the One Who hears and sees all things”. (Quran 17:1)

Amongst all these amazing miracles, ALLAH, the Exalted also ordered the Angels to advise Nabi SAW to establish hijama cupping therapy, “I did not pass by an Angel from the Angels on the Night Journey except that they all said to me; ‘Upon you is cupping (hijama) O Muhammad’”(Sahih, Sunan Ibn Maajah.
The Hijama Cupping Therapy is an Islamic, natural, holistic, healing therapy. However, unfortunately it became a “forgotten sunnah” that has been erased from our valuable history, due to modern medicine and surgery. We need to revive and establish this practice of our Nabi SAW. We need to empower Muslims to be strong, healthy and rise up once again. As Muslims, we need to re-assert ourselves as leaders in the fields of medicine and health, just as we were in the golden age of Islamic science.
Hijama was declared the best of medicines by Nabi SAW: “Cupping is the most helpful procedure for human beings to cure themselves.” (Sahih al-Bukhari) Cupping therapy has been practiced for centuries globally. The first documented medical text was found in 1550 BC in Egypt. Cupping was also discovered in China over 5,000 years ago and is still practiced to this day. Cuppimg therapy is the name of the actual procedure itself. A vacuum is created in a cup and placed on the body. This vacuum causes a negative pressure and pulls the muscles into the cup and therefore, draws the blood to the cupped area. This is known as “dry cupping”. Then you remove the cup in order to make small, shallow incisions in that same area, before putting the cup back on. This pulls out the toxic blood, acids and excess fluids from the body. This is known as wet, or blood cupping.
But what differentiates hijama is the religious and spiritual aspect of the practice. “Hijama” is the Islamic version of cupping therapy. ‘Hijama’ in Arabic literally means “to suck” and to “return to a normal state” of internal balance. It ultimately helps the body to create a balance, healthy alkaline environment by removing acidity. This fixes any problem that the body has, by bringing it to its normal state. Hijama cupping therapy is a holistic, super powerful detox which removes toxic and stagnant blood from your body. It expels negative, unhealthy elements from the body, and allows it to replenish itself.
Nabi further said: “The best treatment is hijama cupping; it removes blood, lightens the back and sharpens the eyesight.” (Sunan al-Tirmidhi) Hijamah cupping is an excellent form of preventative and curative therapy. Abdullah ibn Umar reported that Ar Rasool SAW said, “Hijama cupping on an empty stomach is best. It increases the intellect and improves the memory. It improves the memory of the one memorizing….” (Sahih; Sunan Ibn Majah).
Islamic medicine is holistic and works on the levels of mind, body and soul. Hijama cupping therapy is a minor, surgical procedure which has immediate physical effect. However, it also serves to alleviate, mental, emotional, spiritual and metaphysical issues. It is very relaxing and dispels anxiety and depression. According to ibn Al Qayyim Nabi SAW had Hijamah performed upon his head to remove black magic which had been cast upon him. The traditional sunnah points for hijama therapy are on the upper back, which essentially target the heart, lungs, brain and spine. All are major foundations for optimal health.
“Hijama cupping on the back of the neck treats seventy-two illnesses” ( al-Tabarani). Anas ra narrated that the Prophet SAW used to have hijama cupping done on the veins on the side of the neck and the upper back. (Sunan al-Tirmidhi) It is recommended that you should have a hijama detox, and then use hijama as a form of maintenance 2-4 times a year if you are healthy. If you have serious medical conditions, it can be performed more often. It is best to have hijamah performed on the “Sunnah Days” according to hadith: “Whoever performs Hijamah cupping in the 17th, 19th and 21st day (of the Islamic Lunar month), then it is a cure for every disease”. (Sahih).
So as you commence your new year with aspirations and resolutions, keep in mind this amazing sunnah of shifa… by ALLAH it will give you a new lease on Life, In sha Allah. Dear reader take care of your body, it’s the only place you have to live in, the only residence for your mind, soul and heart. There are no trade- ins and upgrades… one body, one life; aspire for a life of quality no matter what the quantity.

{This Article appeared in a 2018 Edition of The Muslim Woman Magazine}

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~RSB ~Author, Journalist,,, International Motivational Speaker, Islamic Studies Educator, Tahfeedhul Quraan Student & teacher, holds 3 degrees BA(English, Arabic, Islamic Studies) BA Hons IST(Cum Laude) MA IST.

“Enough of a boast that He is my Lord;enough of an honour that I am His slave.”